BLS TimingPulley Curv-KO-Hero

Precision engineered for consistent performance.

Timing Pulleys from BlackStar

Our timing pulleys are machine cut out of SAE 1045 steel for maximum wear-resistance and a longer service life.

Precision engineered for use with synchronous belts, our timing pulleys are built to provide long-lasting performance you can rely on.

We offer the following timing pulley types:

Trapezoidal-Profile Pulleys precision engineered to eliminate belt slippage and achieve a consistent drive speed.

BlackStar Timing Pulleys Trapezoidal

Curvilinear-Profile Pulleys engineered with larger tooth areas to provide greater horsepower capacity.

BLS TimingPulley Curv-KO-Hero

Get long-lasting performance for your application with power transmission components from BlackStar.

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