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Sprockets from BlackStar

BlackStar Sprockets are made with superior materials and engineered for high-performance in a variety of applications.

Our sprockets stand out from the competition, delivering lasting quality in even the most challenging environments. We use SAE 1045 steel, providing greater wear-resistance. All BlackStar roller chain sprockets are precision sprockets with machine-cut teeth and a rust-resistant and attractive finish. We offer many sizes in a one-piece forged construction, providing superior strength and grain structure, and offer sprockets custom-made to your specifications.

We offer the following sprocket types:

Roller Chain Sprockets with forged solid-steel construction for added strength and durability.

BlackStar Roller Chain Sprocket

Conveyor Chain Sprockets featuring induction-hardened, machined steel for longer life and less noise.

BlackStar Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Agricultural Chain Sprockets using fully machined steel for a more “in pitch” solution than cast or flame-cut sprockets.

BlackStar Agricultural Chain Sprocket

Pintle Chain Sprockets with precision machining for a more consistent performance, smoother operation, and durability.

BlackStar Pintle Sprocket

Get long-lasting performance for your application with power transmission components from BlackStar.

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