BlackStar Spur Gear

Get the most from your horsepower.

Gears from BlackStar

Want to maximize the efficiency of your power transmission application?

Engineered from quality materials to ensure increased life and up time, BlackStar gears help you get the most from your horsepower. Each gear is machine cut from SAE 1045 steel for wear resistance and precision.

We offer the following gear types:

Spur Gears offering power transmission solutions for parallel shafts.

BlackStar Spur Gear

Gear Rack in a variety of sizes for use with spur gears.

BlackStar Gear Rack

Bevel Gears providing higher strength and lower noise in right-angle power transmission solutions.

BlackStar Bevel Gear

Miter Gears offering right-angle power transmission solutions without a change in ratio.

BlackStar Miter Gears

Worm Gears achieving large ratio reductions in limited space.

BlackStar Worm Gear

Get long-lasting performance for your application with power transmission components from BlackStar.

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